Our Fruits
Our apples are characterized by their quality, taste and consistency , according to the demands of our customers from different markets and consumers , whose main varieties are Royal Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith.
Our production comes from the main producing area of cherries in the country and are characterized by great consistency , firmness and better postharvest. Handling and total control of the production , packaging and export allows us to deliver reach the most demanding markets , providing our customers really fresh cherries . We have varieties of cherries to supply US markets , Europe and the Far East , throughout the Chilean season, from November to January.
In the production of kiwis have many years of experience, plus a large number of hectares in production and hectares which in the short term will begin producing . Today we have the variety Hayward and in the short term will produce other earlier and a sweeter flavor varieties. These varieties are Summer Kiwi; ENZAGold; and Mega Kiwi. We will have production from late February through April each year.